Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animations

Get your message through by increasing engagement with whiteboard animations that create an immersive visual environment.

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Whiteboard animation is an animation style that mimics an illustrator drawing on a whiteboard with a marker in front of the camera. These illustrations and added voice-over create a truly immersive environment to share your message with your audience.

Whiteboard animation is a versatile technique that can be used in multiple areas from advertisements and e-learning videos to explainers about your products, services and your brand new project.

The magic behind E-Learning Videos

Bye bye boring stuff!

Today, our lifestyle in modern life causes us to interact with visual stimuli on a regular basis.

The human brain is a database that is constantly trying to be in the energy-saving mode and is programmed to work as effectively as possible at all times. And our brain resists these information-filled stimuli by reducing the attention span.

This is why animated videos are now the most valuable assets to share your message with your audiences.

In particular, whiteboard animations, which mimic the classroom environment in which we are used to spending a relatively long time, are one of your most important weapons in keeping your audience’s attention focused on the subject you are talking about.

Let’s supercharge your products, services or your awesome new project with whiteboard animations.

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All parties are massively in favor of the use of animations









Video Is the Most Engaging Type of Content

Unlike any other content type, videos bring two things together to trigger your attention: movement and sound. Both of these play role in conveying an effective message. The human brain loves especially video animations due to the fact it is designed to process visual content way better than text which is just a set of meaningful symbols. Studies show that your average audience will remember more than 95% of the message you shared using video as a medium.

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Animations we made

Underneath, you can find some of the videos we created to give you an idea of how your future great project may look.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Animmini?

Animmini is your online animation studio. Explainers, infographics, tv ads, social media advertisements or corporate videos, you can order custom-made animation tailored for your needs. We also have many pre-made animation sequences and templates for you to buy and create your own story!

How can I order my animation?

Well, it is pretty straightforward. We replaced all communication sessions into a single step by step order form that our clients fill in. And it works its charm to reduce the production time as well as the cost significantly for our beloved clients. You can find links and buttons to take yo to this order form throughout our website.

How can I buy stock animations?

All of the digital assets are available for sale under our shop section. We created this part just like an e-commerce website. You can easily search and add the items you like to buy into your shopping cart. All the download links will be visible after your purchase.

Where are you located?

Animmini is established in Amsterdam by a handful of imaginaries from the advertising sector to focus on what we love the most: Creating easy-to-understand and fun to watch animated films! Nowadays, you may see our animations in many places such as social media, tv, schools, supermarkets, public transports or during a meeting at your office.

What are the accepted payment methods?

You can easily buy stock animations and even order your custom animation with ease by choosing your favorite payment method because we just accept almost all popular payment methods. All credit card types, Sepa Direct Debit, Bancontact, Giropay, Eps, iDeal, Sofort, Apple Pay, Google pay, just almost any thing! Crypto folks are especially welcome since we also accept your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or your favorite stablecoin!

What are the accepted currencies?

You can easily convert the values to your currency by using the currency switcher located at the footer. Currently accepted currencies are: EUR, USD, AUD, GBP, NZD, DKK, NOK, CZK, SEK, CHF, ISK, TRY.


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